ACTA – Animal Consultants and Trainers Association – is Europe’s leading self-regulatory authority for animals in the audiovisual industries.

Established in 1990, ACTA represents Europe’s largest body of animal consultants, trainers, supervisors and specialized veterinary surgeons for entertainment and education. Following a strict Code of Practice, all ACTA members are pre-vetted, established, experienced and qualified professionals in their industry. All ACTA Veterinary surgeons are experienced in monitoring the welfare of animals in performance. They offer advice and support not only on set or stage, but also in the pre and post-production stages on any assignment.

The ACTA Mission Statement:

To practise the highest professional standards of training and welfare in the preparation, provision and expert supervision of animals for Film, Television, Advertising and Live Events.

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Who we are:

ACTA was founded in 1990 by the UK’s most highly regarded animal consultants and trainers in order to standardize and regulate the provision of animals for the audiovisual industries. Hitherto this trade association has been consulted on the development of Animal Welfare legislation, industry qualifications and recommended guidelines for other interested bodies. Its members subscribe to and actively promote the following aims

  1. To ensure correct planning and preparation for each assignment, prior to any animal being provided and expertly supervised for filming and photography.
  2. To examine in detail the requirements of each assignment and to advise prospective clients of the suitability and viability of the assignment with respect to the capabilities and welfare of the animal(s) envisaged.
  3. To ensure the highest quality Animal Husbandry when providing and supervising Animals for filming and photography.
  4. To uphold the ACTA Code of Practice (View).